Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Video from the farm

Here are a few more videos of the farm for your viewing pleasure.

Distributing Ladybugs

Planting sweet potatoes

Mowing cover crops


Heidi said...

Yeah!!! The ladybugs are here! The ladybugs are here! LOL I was at the farm the other day and saw the horrifc infestation of aphids in the breeding greenhouse. Not good! Let's hope these little babies have a field day (no pun intended!) and enjoy the meal. GOOD LUCK!

Johnny's Selected Seeds said...

I believe these were the ladybugs that were already released into the greenhouse, before the crop walk last week. I think they are getting more ladybugs and some lacewings in this week and I hope we get a video of those to post.

The numbers of aphids in the greenhouse is quite intimidating. It's amazing that they've never been on the farm before.