Monday, July 6, 2009

Wet Weather Gardening

Here are some tips from Joann Matuzas, our store manager, on gardening in wet weather. We hope they help you!

After three straight weeks of rain resulting in water-logged fields, stunted plants, fungi splashing up on plants from the soil and seeds that either washed away or rotted in the ground, the sun has finally come out in the Northeast. Hopefully, we will have nothing but blue skies and sun for the rest of the summer.

Just in case we get another wet spring or the shower clouds reappear, I have put together some tips for gardening in wet weather.

1. Avoid using heavy equipment on wet soil, including lawn mowers. The machinery tends to compact the soil and cuts off the oxygen supply to the plants roots. This will result in stunted plants and yellowing of the leaves.

2. Be on the lookout for fungal diseases that frequently appear in wet weather. A copper-based fungicide can prevent the spread of fungal diseases. Cut out and dispose of infected plants in a plastic bag.

3. When the sun does come out remember to water because plants can be stressed by not enough water just like they are with too much.

4. Think about putting in a drainage system to move the water away from the fields and/or garden beds.

5. Trellising gets plants off the ground and helps reduce the threat of disease.

6. Create raised beds to improve drainage.

7. Think about putting some seeds in a container that can be moved in and out of the rain.

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