Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What's New At The Farm 6/03/09

Transplanting, planting and more transplanting!

This week, so far, we've transplanted over ten thousand peppers, twelve thousand tomatoes and tons of flowers and herbs. Next week will see the remainder of the transplanting with squash, pumpkins and melons to name a few. Then all we'll have to do is take care of it; piece of cake.

We got out new tractor Monday this week. Well, new to us but not new. It's a Ford 1710 cultivating tractor with all the bells and whistles like: power steering, 3 point hitch, a canopy and a full set of cultivators. It probably even has brakes! It's a three cylinder diesel and purrs like a kitten. I'm anxious to try it out but haven't had a chance to do more than look at it in passing this week. It's hard to find good cultivating tractors in the northeast as people just don't seem to want to part with them. This one came from a friend in New Brunswick but originally was sold by a dealer in New Hampshire. Long way around I'd say.

The weather continues to be cold and wet. The plants don't like it. The crew doesn't like it and neither do I. It seems like we had May weather in April and April weather in May this spring. A couple of weeks ago it was 31 degrees one morning and in the nineties the next day. I hope it evens out after a while.

The fields are filling up fast with greenery and it looks pretty nice after a long and white winter. The leaves are fully out and all the birds have returned and are raising families now. The geese have hatched and are grazing heavily now. Although with the new deer fence at work we haven't seen the usual goose family. I saw a pair of geese and five goslings at the pond in our front yard last week. I assume they walked up from the beaver bog for some fresh grass on the lawn.

Short article this week; I'm headed back out into the field.

Until next week, Brian

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Anonymous said...

I read your article saying you just purchased a Ford 1710 Offset tractor. Do you have any photos of it? I'm a big fan of this tractor, i actually own 3 of them right now. My email is cincypd@hotmail.com thanks! Mark