Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Product Spotlight: Spectrum Greens Mix and Agribon Row Covers - 9/2009

Spectrum Greens Mix

JSS Product Managers are talking about season extension opportunities and bringing greens to market right through the Fall. A variety that will perform exceptionally well for Growers, that can be planted now and that will survive through light frost is Spectrum Greens Mix, catalog #650. Cover this variety with Agribon and you’d be able to extend the harvest season well past frost. Spectrum Greens Mix grows in a habit that is well suited to be cut with the Greens Harvester for maximum efficiency.

Agribon Row Covers

There are many tools and supplies that will help the Grower extend the season. Adding a protective cover is one of the quickest ways to increase the growing cycle. Here at Johnny's were are particularly excited about Agribon, a row cover material, that depending upon its weight and grade can be used for insect control, warming,
overwintering and heavy freeze protection.

Row covers are lightweight blankets made of spun-bonded polypropylene and are an economical and easy to use. Row covers capture warmth resulting in healthier plantsand earlier yields. They also insulate plants from damaging winds and are the most effective-least toxic-form of insect control.

How to Use: Cover your crops immediately after planting to keep insects out and provide warmth. Apply the cover loosely so plants can lift as they grow, and secure edges with row cover tacks or soil. In some instances, a hoop loop is necessary to protect fragile crops under the row cover or for use with heavier weights.

Supplies Available at Johnny's:

Using the Greens Harvester

Using Row Covers

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