Friday, August 7, 2009

Why I Love Summer

Exciting discoveries abound in the garden, and the backyard becomes your grocery store. Before long, this hod will be full when I go out - things are coming on strong, despite the slow start!

Have a great weekend!

(From left to right, Zephyr summer squash; Marvel of Venice (flat, yellow) and Fortex (green) pole beans; Tomaccio cherry tomato.)

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Unknown said...

Hi guys at Johnny's. I tried your seeds for the first time this year. I am amazed at the difference. My pole beans climbed my 8'x16' trellis in no time and we've picked gallons of beans for canning and eating. I have to climb a 6' ladder to do the picking. My 5 small pickling cuke plants gave me enough cukes for over 50 quarts of dill pickles. I'm impressed with Johnny's seeds. Marilyn Ghering, gardening in Deer Park, Washington.