Friday, November 6, 2009

Photos from Johnny's Farm: Early snow in Albion

We were hit with a surprise snowstorm here Thursday evening. Well, not really a storm by Maine standards. More like a dusting. About 3 or 4 inches of wet snow covers the fields at our farm in Albion, Maine. It will probably be gone by Monday as we're due for a warm and sunny weekend.

One of the many fringe benefits of working here is that we get to glean leftover vegetables from the trial fields. I spent my lunch break picking spinach -- a cold endeavor without gloves on. Spinach is another one of those cold-hardy vegetables that seems to taste a little better after a blast of frost, or in this, snow.

Here is a slideshow from the farm today. Enjoy.


Paul said...

Low tunnel hoop house report from Zone 5B Pennsylvania, 24.6F this AM, first hard freeze this winter. Under the tunnel cover 28.9F, not bad!

Question, will the ground under a low tunnel freeze hard enough this winter to kill the late blight spores in the soil?

Michael Kilpatrick said...

unless there is living tissue (potatoes) that are already infected in the soil, the spores can't live in the soil- 2 hours without a host and the spore dies.