Tuesday, March 30, 2010

White House winter garden produces bountiful harvest thanks to Quick Hoops

The White House kitchen garden's low tunnels held up against two-plus feet of snow this winter. As the nation's capital was inundated with record snowfalls in January and February, the First Lady's vegetable garden grew quietly under low tunnels set up on the South Lawn. A couple of weeks ago, the White House chefs lifted the row covers to examine the overwintering lettuce, turnip, and arugula crops and were pleasantly surprised with what they found. See video below.

Learn more about Quick Hoops and season extension, including the USDA's hoophouse pilot program at Johnny's Selected Seeds website.

Read White House blog post on the success of the winter garden by Sam Kass, White House chef.


Balanced Fitness Man said...

I had no idea the white house had it's own garden, it's really impressive too, thanks for putting that video up.

Johnny's Seeds News said...

You're welcome. That garden was one of the first things the First Lady requested when the Obamas moved into the White House. Good information about the garden on the White House blog.