Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Johnny's events calendar - June 2010

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Anonymous said...

We got seeds from you guys. Now, we have BIG-badda-boom plants! WOW!

Black beans came up in 3 days and now we have beautiful little purple flowers all over them.

Sweet Potatoes came in a little box. You can't get them in there now !! We only lost ONE plant (our fault) and the vines are growing up our privacy fence and back down to the ground. HAPPY plants!

Also, Collards! We live in South Florida - West Palm Beach area. Over 90 degrees, here! We are eating Collard greens from our back yard! Wow! We created tables for potted plants and I planted the Collards UNDER the tables. They get morning sun then shade in the heat of the day. The little new leaves are delicious raw in a salad.

Green beans? Not so good. Peas? Too hot. We saved 1/2 the seeds for the fall (our planting season). We have SOME of each, and they are healthy. Just growing very slowly in the heat.

Many thanks for healthy, vibrant seeds!

BettyLou, Lake Worth, FL