Friday, September 3, 2010

Crop walk video: Basil and Baby Leaf Greens trials

At this week's crop walk, we looked at our basil trials and baby leaf greens for salad mixes. It's been a hot summer in Maine. The heat caused our basil to flower earlier than normal. The plants aren't quite as large as they were last year at this time.


Anonymous said...

Can you explain the sound you hear when you "thump" a ripe watermelon? And any other signs that melons are ripe. Thank you.

Johnny's Seeds News said...

Hello Anonymous: Here's some information from our website about watermelon ripeness: "There are 3 ways to tell when a watermelon is ripe: 1) the tendril nearest the point on the vine where fruit stem attaches is browning/dead, 2) the spot where the fruit rests on the ground is yellow, and 3) the classic mystery - you hear "punk", as opposed to "pink" or "pank." when you flick the melon with your fingers."