Monday, October 25, 2010

Gardening journalists mention Johnny's

Below are some links to some recent stories we thought you might enjoy.

The Atlantic Monthly magazine had a great story -- "The Vegetable Express: A Way to Sell Produce to Those in Need" -- about a Vermont farmer's innovative way to market and sell fresh vegetables. In a setup similar to your neighborhood ice cream truck vendor, Hilary Martin uses a 1988 delivery van as a roving vegetable stand to reach customers in Burlington, Vermont neighborhoods. We were pretty excited to learn Martin was wearing a Johnny's baseball cap during her deliveries.

From the Portland (Maine) Press Herald: "Maine Gardener: Want to extend next year’s gardening season? He’s got you covered" This article, published Oct. 24, discusses season extension and mentions some of our tips and products.

Barbara Damrosch, who writes the "A Cook's Garden" column for the Washington Post, had this Oct. 21 piece on fall crops: "Mind your peas and their cues".

Johnny's Farm Manager Brian Milliken was interviewed by the web portal iVillage for an article/photo slideshow on saving flower seed -- "10 Plant Seeds to Save Right Now".

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