Monday, November 15, 2010

Photos: Farming in Saudi Arabia

Kate Frey, a Johnny's customer, sent us these photos of a farm near the city of Diriyah in Saudi Arabia. The farm fields being converted from flood irrigated beds to drip irrigation.
New beds replacing the flood irrigation previously used. This saves water and time weeding.

View looking west, when finished there will be one hundred beds 10-12 meters long. All on drip tape.

Middle upper area, as you see the plants are all coming along.

Experimental bed with cabbage and broccoli plant on a no till ground cover.

Looking East with broccoli and beneficial flower mix along the road.

Flower bed.

Drip tape helps garden thrive.


David Schulze said...

I have been to Saudi Arabia and it used to amaze me to see this vast desert of brown and then right in the middle of it a patch of green. The patches of green were always in circles, not sure why.

Iraq was the same way only there along with the patch of green, you would run into groves of palm trees. There would be thousands of palm trees.

David Schulze said...

And I forgot. Afghanistan was the same way. Only there they would have fields of cauliflower or broccoli mix in with fields of poppy plants--the kind they make herion out of.

I have a few pictures of Iraq and Afghanistan posted at