Friday, December 24, 2010

Photos: Snow-covered high and low tunnels

Here are some shots of our winter Quick Hoops™ trials. These cost-effective structures are designed to extend the growing season and can be used to overwinter some crops. We're testing them to see how they hold up under snow cover. So far, so good. This is the first season we've trialed caterpillar tunnels. Last winter, we successfully trialed the low tunnels.

Watch slideshow below.

If you're interested in building your own low tunnels or caterpillar tunnels, we carry many of the supplies you'll need to get started. Visit our Quick Hoops™product page.


tj said...

...Gosh, this looks fantastic and best of all, doable for your basic backyard gardener like me. :o)

...I would really like to do something like this next year, I'll have to get busy and visit your website. Thank you for the photos and info.!

...Merry Christmas to you & yours!

...Blessings too... :o) said...

We have had some tremendous winds this winter, (coastal NB, bay of Fundy)and several times I have thought "Gee I'm glad my greenhouse is not up yet..." I have bought all the plastic and bits and pieces from Johnny's to build a 30 foot long caterpillar high tunnel come spring. Have you left the plastic on yours for the winter? If so, Im wondering how it's holding up. We only have 2 inches of snow so that surely wouldnt hold it down.

Johnny's Seeds News said...


We left the plastic on this winter and so far it's held up well. On 12/26, we received more than a foot of snow and 40 mph winds. The caterpillar tunnels are still standing as you can see from these photos:

It's definitely doable. We have dozens of great resources on our website. This page shows you the basics of low tunnel construction and use.
This page shows you the basics of high tunnel, or caterpillar construction.