Friday, June 3, 2011

Product Spotlight: Pickling Cucumbers, Kohlrabi

Pickling Cucumbers


Salt and Pepper



2524G Salt and Pepper
is a new, organically-grown variety exclusive to Johnny's. This white-skinned cucumber with black spines resists both powdery mildew and angular leaf spot. Salt and Pepper's fruits average 3-5" and are good fresh or for making pickles. Salt and Pepper won the 2011 Green Thumb Award. Insect protection and increased warmth provided by Agribon+ Row Covers can create earlier, heavier yields.
2564 Harmonie (F1) is easy to grow and high yielding. Its dark green, smooth, European-style fruits are 3-5" with good flavor and can be used fresh or pickled. It is particularly suitable for gherkins when harvested small. Harmonie resists both scab and powdery mildew.


237 Kossak (F1) is a giant kohlrabi available in either organic or conventional seed. Peeling the woody "skin" of Kossak reveals a sweet and tender interior. It is best harvested when round and about 8" diameter, before elongation. It is a great season extender and will keep in cold storage for several months. Use Agribon+ AG-15 Insect Barrier row covers to protect against cabbage worms and diamondback moths.

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