Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July Product Spotlight: Flowers and Herbs


There is still time to plant more flowers to add vibrant color to your fall market offerings.
#1795G Antares Flashback calendula adds brilliant colors in shades of orange, peach, apricot, yellow, and cream with red and maroon undersides. Organically grown.
#1815 Sunny Smile (F1) is a "miniature" pollenless sunflower with golden orange petals surround a black disc. Sunny Smile is good for containers.
#1897 Little Becka (F1) is an unusual new brown dwarf sunflower. Little Becka is an early flowering full plant with large quantities of flowers.


Extend your season into the fall with these essential herbs.
#2576 Caribe cilantro/coriander is new and our recommended substitute for Calypso. Caribe has good bulk and is great for salsa and other tomato dishes.
#529 Forest Green is our favorite, curled parsley. Its long upright stems allow for easy bunching. Forest Green has good flavor and appearance and is high yielding.

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Anonymous said...

The hoop house cool season crops that you suggest are things that we grow out in the open all winter here in the salt river valley of Arizona.

Charlie, Master Gardener