Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Product spotlights

August Product Spotlights

From cutting to carrying to cleansing, let us help you with your harvest.


Spinach will flourish in the cooler days of autumn and will withstand some freezing weather in the field. In a hoophouse, it can be kept growing all winter if it's protected with row cover held above it on hoops. It's also a great crop to seed in fall and overwinter under Quick Hoops™ for early spring harvest.

#3835 Python (F1) is a bunching Asian leaf spinach for fall harvest. Its smooth, dark green leaves are arrowhead shaped.

#646G Tyee (F1) (OG) is considered the standard of savoyed spinach for bolt resistance and vigorous growth. Sow Tyee in fall for overwintering.

Ginseng and Goldenseal

#900 American Ginseng is used to make a bittersweet energy tonic. Johnny's ships stratified seeds in September for fall planting. The roots are harvested in the fall of 5th or 6th year.

#899 Goldenseal (OG)is a medicinal Native American root used for its astringent, cleansing qualities. Two-year-old roots are shipped in September and are organically grown.

Harvest Tools

Make harvesting easier and safer with Johnny's harvest tools.

Harvest Knives for every application from lettuce to broccoli.

#9634 Victorinox Serrated Harvest Knife

#9177 Lettuce Field Knife

#9098 Serrated Greens Knife - 6" Blade

#9153 Original Lightweight Field Knife

#9157 Modesto Heavy-Duty Field Knife

#9671 Stainless Harvest Machete - 8" Blade

#9767 Curved Grape and Tomato Shears

#9763 Stainless Harvest Machete - 14" Blade

Tubtrugs are ultra-flexible, lightweight food-grade polyethylene tubs great for harvesting. Tubtrugs are available in three convenient sizes: 3 1/2, 7, and 11 gal., and three easy-to-spot colors: Red, Blue, and Pistachio.

Sanidate products are safe, effective sanitizers for hard surfaces, produce, and post harvest equipment.

#9109 SaniDate® Hard Surface Sanitizer - 32 Oz. RTU

#9216 SaniDate® Fruit & Vegetable Wash - 16 Oz. RTU

#9112 SaniDate® 5.0 Liquid Sanitizer (OG) - 2-1/2 Gal.

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