Monday, July 29, 2013

Herbs to Plant Now for a Fall Harvest

Looking to complement your harvest of fall vegetables this year? Herbs can be a great addition to your market offerings. Herbs like Parsley, Sage, and Leaf Fennel are perfect companions to your selection of winter squash and onions.

Below is a list of suggested Herbs that you can plant now to harvest this fall:
Leaf Fennel
Root Parsley
Herbs are a great way for your customers to season their roasted winter vegetables. They can also be sold fresh for immediate use, or easily dried and stored to be used at a later date. 

Name those Herbs!
Leave a comment below this Blog post, and name the two Herbs featured in the photo above.

One randomly selected person who comments correctly will win a packet of seeds of each of the Herbs featured in the picture.

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