Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Preferred Tools for Lettuce Production

Did you know we have a chart that allows you to select tools expressly designed for specific lettuce production practices? Gain efficiency and optimal results in lettuce culture, from sowing to harvest.

Below is a peak at what the Baby Leaf Lettuce section of the chart looks like:

Interested in learning more about the Quick Cut Greens Harvester? Below are a few facts about this tool:
  • One person can easily cut over 175 lb. per hour.
  • Powered by a cordless drill, the harvester's 15" fixed and moving serrated blades make a smooth, clean cut.
  • A rolling macramé brush pulls individual leaves into the blades and then throws them to the back of the basket.
  • The neat, clean surface it leaves behind is perfect for those planning on a second harvest from the same bed.
  • Vertically adjustable skids ensure precise, repeatable cutting height. The harvester is just as effective when the crop is more mature or "leggy."
  • Comes with an extra serpentine belt to power the brush and has a universal mount which will accept almost any cordless drill; 18V drills work best (not included).

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