Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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Bruce Hammond said...

Hello, I have some questions for the blog on seed starting. I am trying to grow starts for my small farm while minimizing fossil fuel use. I noticed you mentioned germination chambers in a recent article on your website. Do you have any more information on this approach?

I have thought about starting seedlings in a heated polycarbonate cold frame within an unheated poly hoop house, but am wondering if the seedlings would get enough light under all those layers of poly. I have also wondered about starting seedlings in our farmhouse with artificial lights supplementing window light, but am concerned that this would produce leggy starts.

Thanks for any advice or information you can offer.

Samantha Williams said...

Mr. Hammond,

Minimizing the fossil fuel usage on your farm is a significant and noteworthy goal. Many growers will use the “cover within a cover” method of a cold frame or low tunnel inside of a high tunnel. This system can conserve energy over the nighttime but as you mentioned the light reduction should be addressed. During daytime hours it is advisable to remove the inside covers to allow for the plants to receive the full intensity of light available. This should reduce or eliminate stretching of plants. Artificial light can provide a suitable environment for the seedlings if sufficient natural light is also available.

Germination chambers are extremely useful products that have many benefits for providing the best possible germination results. Johnny’s does not provide any information on these chambers, as we do not sell them. However, you may find this article about the use of germination chambers useful: we found this article to have a lot of beneficial information about the use of germination chambers. Here is another good link as well with information on the germination chambers,