Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Not enough time in the day

Well, they say that the road to you-know-where is paved with good intentions. Will I end up in that hot place for not having planted my garden on time? I did get the onions and shallots into the ground last week, but I haven’t had time to plant any of my seeds. I’m definitely breaking the “plant your peas by tax day” rule – the IRS may give extensions, but Mother Nature typically doesn’t. I had plenty of free weekends all winter long, but when spring shows up, it’s time for graduations and their related parties, family get-togethers, fishing trips, etc., etc. ad infinitum. I do hope that I’ll have a free minute after Memorial Day to plant my tomato seedlings. I plant 40 tomato plants, all of which I started from seed back in March, and most of them are different heirloom varieties (there are a couple of hybrids in there, and a couple of duplicates; Black Krim is my favorite so I plant two of those).

So tonight after work I’m going to get some seeds in the ground. It’s another beautiful Maine day and there’s no reason not to! I also picked up a few perennials to put into a couple of small gardens I have around the yard. I am so tempted by those poor lonely pots at the nurseries, I have to bring them home. I will probably have to dig holes for them with a crowbar; I’m definitely guilty of overcrowding the beds.

Yesterday in the mail I had a surprise – the tree saplings I ordered from the Arbor Day society arrived. (You can get some wicked deals on trees there – membership is around $15 a year, and the trees are cheap. This is my first experience with them so I will pass along updates as my trees grow.) I got a few dwarf fruit trees: peaches, cherries, and plums. That’s another task for this weekend, if I’m home during any daylight hours. I’m very glad that my husband is willing to dig holes when he isn't fishing! I am a canning fool, and the thought of home-grown fruit for my various canning recipes thrills me to no end. Ah yes, but the trees have to grow to produce fruit. Which means I have to find time to plant them.

Is anybody out there as far behind as I am? Where do you get stuck this time of year? Is there anything (besides time) that would make your life easier in the gardening department?

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