Monday, May 19, 2008

What's New At The Farm 5/14/08

We’re busy, busy, busy!

Spring is upon us and we’re planting and preparing fields like there’s no tomorrow. Last week we transplanted lettuce along with seeding carrots and onions. Sweet peas are in and the trellis is up – first time for that in a while. We’ll be planting some spring covers crops and will probably have them in the ground before you read this. That’s my plan anyways. Two greenhouses are full and the biggest house has been fired up and is filling up with seedlings.

The weather has been advantageous to us this year. An early spring means we performed much field work before May rolled around. This early season work helped us in that we don’t have our work all bunched up at once. All the fields have had at least some initial field prep and many are nearing completion of the work necessary before transplanting commences. We’re working on tomato and pepper ground this week; making beds and laying plastic. Next week we’ll be preparing ground for squash and pumpkins.

The next few weeks will be a busy time for everyone, not only at Johnny’s but at home for everyone as well. Lots of planting to do as well as garden work, lawns, and the ever present animals to tend. Let’s see; all I’ve got left to do is finish planting the garden, finish transplanting all the trees I bought. I’ve got one bush left to plant and 100 chickens coming any day. And finally if there’s time, I’ve got to get my boat into the water soon.
Piece of cake.

Fine with me; I like to keep busy. If you have a long list, you don’t need to find something to do. Last winter all I seemed to do was shovel snow and feed the wood furnace. The spring work seems to hit at the best possible time for fishing. So, I guess I’ll have to prioritize my list.

I’ll be in the field or in my boat, Brian.

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