Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Succession Planting Reminder

From an earlier article by Ben Wilcox...

Late Summer to Early Fall Plantings
Aug - Sept
Late July and early August are the time to begin plantings that will mature during the cooler fall months. Light frost sweetens the flavor of many greens, and cool temperatures enable some to re grow after cutting the first harvest.

Arugula 21 days baby, 40 days mature
Broccoli Raab 40 days, may be cut again
Broccoli transplants 60 days from trans.
Cabbage transplants 60 days from trans.
Cauliflower transplants 60 days from trans. frost will damage heads if not protected
Cilantro 50 days, will survive light frost
Collards 30 days baby, 60 days mature
Daikon Radish 60 days
Greens Mix 21 days baby, may be cut again
Kale 30 days baby, 60 days mature
Lettuce Mix 30 days, may by cut again
Napa Cabbage 70 days, or 50 days from trans
Mustard Greens 21 days baby, or 45 days mature
Snap Beans 60 days, must be protected against frost
Spinach 30 days baby, 45 days mature, may be cut again
Turnips 40-50 days


Anonymous said...

Thank you! This is just the list of what I can plant now that I was looking for. Economy and desire to eat more home grown has made me take my veg gardening more seriously than usual. Never tried late crops before! May even try to cover some with plastic to extend the season a bit. I've subscribed and look forward to more helpful hints, suggestions, etc. right through the fall! (zone 5/4, Lisbon)

the webmaster at Johnny's Selected Seeds said...

You're very welcome!! Feel free to let us know if you ever have any questions, too.

Jan Herzog said...

I have a question about some wonderful beans I planted. They're called Fortex and were unbelievably prolific. Can they mature on the vine and be picked for shell beans?
Thanks in advance!

the webmaster at Johnny's Selected Seeds said...

I checked with one of our vegetable product managers, and yes, Fortex can be used as a passable shell bean.

However, he recommends the three beans we have on page 8 of our catalog: Tongue of Fire, product #62; Gentec 401, product #75; and Flagrano, product #2972. Those three beans have been specifically developed for that purpose.