Friday, January 15, 2010

Veggie and flower photos from Washington's Skagit Valley

These beautiful harvest photos come courtesy of Katherine Lewis and Steve Lospalluto, owners of Dunbar Gardens, a small farm in the Skagit Valley in northwest Washington state.

Johnny's varieties in Steve's slideshow include:
Steve says he and his wife, Katherine, "have been growing here since 1994. We have been farming for more than 25 years, and we've been satisfied Johnny's Seeds customers for most of them!"

"These days we have scaled the produce growing down to a market garden selling locally. Willow basketry has become the focus of our business. We grow selected varieties of basketry willow which we cut, dry, sort, and later soak for Katherine to weave into baskets. We sell baskets through our website, farmers markets, and arts & crafts shows. We also offer basket-making classes and willow cuttings for sale. But I still have a fondness for the vegetable growing, and Johnny's is a part of our garden."

Read Steve's blog for more information about the farm.

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