Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Farmer’s Market Tips for Asian Greens

At higher seeding densities (25 seeds/foot) choi will not head up into a large plant. However, mini heads are a great way to market these types of greens differently, and the faster turnaround means more money using less time and space.

Mini heads are a great way to market Choi. They require less growing time, less space, and can be quite profitable. High seed densities (25 seeds/foot) will prevent heading up into large plants.

Sell Mini Choi bagged, by the pound, or bunched for stir fries. Mix and match the green stem, white stem, and red varieties for a colorful display. Do the same with Vitamin Green and Tokyo Bekana to add more diversity to your braising greens.

Keep an eye on your Asian Greens for signs of bolting. If you notice this right away, the tender shoots can be harvested, bunched, and marketed the same as mini broccoli - again very nice for stir fries. Be sure to hand harvest these as a quality control check. If shoots bend and are difficult to snap with your fingers, or if they have fully open flowers, they are too woody and will be tough when cooked. Shoots that snap easily are generally those with flowers that are just about to open (you can tell be the swollen buds) or maybe only one or two flowers jumped the gun and have already opened.

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