Monday, August 2, 2010

Johnny's in the New York Times; farming soars in Mass.

It's always nice to get some ink, especially from the New York Times. Anne Raver, New York Times gardening columnist, mentioned Johnny's in an article last week -- The Seeds for Surviving a Scorching Summer.  In the story, Raver touts our Hakurei turnip and 3 varieties of beets -- Chioggia, Red Ace and Bull's Blood.

Speaking of newspapers, here's an interesting piece from the Boston Globe on the soaring popularity of farming in Massachusetts:  "Farming surges in state with new crop of devotees".


growmyown said...

I am not the New York Times, but I tout those beets every week at the Seville Farm Market.

Johnny's Seeds News said...

Thank you, growmyown! We're pleased to hear you're growing them successfully.