Wednesday, February 16, 2011


If you have a copy of Johnny's 2011 catalog, you may have noticed an interesting photo on page 106, the lead page to the Farm Seed section. There's a photo of a chickshaw, or mobile chicken coop. It was taken at Eliot Coleman's Four Season Farm here in Maine.

The photo has prompted a few questions about chickshaws on this blog. While we don't sell these contraptions, we do have a few more photos to share from a trip we took to Stone Barns Center back in December. Stone Barns has several mobile poultry shelters at their farm in upstate New York.

See slideshow below.

Here's another blog link from a farming couple, who built their own chickshaw, in Washington State. Their chickshaw is quite a bit different from Eliot's model, but the photos show you how to build one.


Michael Kilpatrick said...

Also known as an eggmobile!!!

tj said...

...And a Chicken Tractor! :o)