Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Product Spotlight: Vegetables

New! Five Star Grape tomato

Five Star Grape Tomato
It's time to start your tomato seedlings. A new variety you won't want to miss is Five Star Grape tomato. It was bred by Johnny's, and we think it is our best-tasting grape tomato. It has a sweet flavor and firm, meaty texture with few seeds and little juice. The bright red fruits are 15-20 gm and crack resistant. Healthy, indeterminate plants are high yielding.

New! Cheyenne pepper

Cheyenne pepper
With the perfect balance of heat and sweetness, Cheyenne pepper is sure to win fans at your market. It is a beautiful cayenne pepper with slightly wrinkled, 8-9" fruits with moderately thick walls. Plants are medium sized and high yielding. The moderate heat makes Cheyenne an excellent pepper to use in salsas. Try selling "salsa combo packs" of Cheyenne and tomato plants in spring, and cross-market the vegetables in summer by providing salsa recipes.

New! Corvair OG spinach

Corvair spinach
A great choice for spring planting, Corvair is a new organic, smooth-leaf spinach. It is very slow to bolt, so will hold well as the weather warms. The oval leaves are dark green, the plants upright and uniform.

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