Monday, March 21, 2011

NPR story highlights winter greens, season extension

There was an interesting story this morning on National Public Radio about growing Asian greens, arugula, and kale year round. The story highlighted a farmer -- Zach Lester of Tree and Leaf Farm in Unionville, Virginia. Lester, a Johnny's customer, uses winter farming methods such as protected cropping with high and low tunnels to extend the growing season. These methods allow him to harvest fresh greens year round at his farm, located just 80 miles from Washington, DC.

NPR photo by Maggie Starbard

 At Johnny's, we found this story interesting because we've been helping growers with season extension for many years. We offer tools and supplies for building high and low tunnels to help you extend your growing season easily and economically. We also carry a large selection of cold tolerant seed varieties and varieties that are good for growing in low tunnels.

You can find plenty of information on our website about season extension techniques.

You can hear the story and read about Lester's farm  -- "Old-Time Methods Yield Spring Greens All Winter" -- on NPR's website.

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