Thursday, April 14, 2011

Photos: Spinach under low tunnels

Here's an after-and-before look at our Quick Hoops™ low tunnels trials. We took the covers off the low tunnels this week. The spinach survived the winter and is thriving as spring begins here in Maine. Using season extension methods such as Quick Hoops™ low tunnels can help yield an earlier harvest in the spring and later one in the fall.

More about Quick Hoops™ low tunnels.


Anonymous said...

We had our first spinach of the season for dinner this past weekend. We used two heights of hoops, a low hoop about 18" high with Agribon 19 and higher hoops about 36" high for the plastic. We will harvest just in time to plant the tomato plants.

Unknown said...

I used Quick hoop to overwinter variety of Brassica type Asian leafy green vegetables this winter in northern Maine. To my surprise, all of young plants sown in October survived. The problem was that they did not grow much during winter and as soon as snow melt, they started to bolt. So most of my harvest were stem and flower similar to the spring raab.