Friday, April 29, 2011

What's New at the Farm? Sun finally comes out in time for a few photos

I’ve been waiting for the sun to come out so I can get some pictures of the Farm for this weeks’ column. Seems like today we have at least some sun so here goes:

This is a shot of the farm looking north west from the other side of our irrigation pond.

Here’s another shot looking east from the top of the hill:

 Nearest the camera is winter rye planted mid October last year, then the overwintering Quick Hoops™ trial followed be fields 13 & 14 and finally our compost area.

Here’s some chard that overwintered under our Quick Hoops™ low tunnels:

Looks pretty good for the last of April doesn’t it?

And finally a couple of shots of cover crops planted last fall and bursting with regrowth now:
Winter Rye
And the last one for this week – field 9 where we had pumpkins last year. The plastic has be pulled and it will be plowed next week.

Ready to be worked

Until next week, enjoy the spring.

I’m off to check for fiddlies!


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