Monday, July 11, 2011

July Product Spotlight: Chicory, Cucumbers


Add variety and uniqueness to your farmer's market offerings with chicory. Here are three great choices.
#2811G Eros is an early escarole with dense heads of mildly bitter leaves good for salads or sauteing. Eros is an organically grown seed.

#2614 Natacha is our prettiest and best performing escarole. It has large heads with abundant, tender leaves. Natacha has remarkable tolerance to bolting. It is an easy-to-grow choice and a Johnny's exclusive.

#2555G Leonardo (F1) is a new radicchio with dense 4-5" heads. Its color and flavor are enhanced in cooler fall temperatures. Leonardo has high bolt tolerance. Organically grown.


It's not too late to plant another round of cucumbers, especially in your hoophouse or greenhouse. Here is a new variety exclusive to Johnny's.
#2562G Corinto (F1) is an easy-to-grow variety with good disease resistance and excellent flavor. It produces uniform 7-8" very dark green slicing cucumbers despite cool weather or heat. Gynoecious and parthenocarpic for greenhouse production. Organically grown.


tommy said...

Hi...we are having problems with the plantation of our japanese cucumbers, we live in israel and for the second time, it grows beautiful and give us few cucumbers in the down part and after a while it start to to yellow and the baby cucumbers dimply die. please we need some advise about why does it happen. thanks. tommy

Johnny's Seeds News said...

Hi tommy,

Could you tell us what product (if from Johnny's) you are growing? And under what kind of conditions are they growing in?

Johnny's Seeds News said...

If you have any other questions about these cucumbers, please feel free to contact our international sales representative, Anthony Stevenson. His email is: