Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jumbo Lives Up To Its Name for Pittsburgh Grower

Jumbo #11G Organic Italian Flat Pod Green Bean
Joe Lamonica, of Pittsburgh, PA, sent us this photo of his harvest of Jumbo green beans. This variety, a Johnny's exclusive, is an Italian flat-pod style, organic bush bean. A cross between Kentucky Wonder and Romano, Jumbo can grow pods up to 10" long with a rich bean flavor.

"My dad used to grow these when we were kids," Joe said. "The seeds I purchased from Johnny's  came up within a few days at 100% germination! They are producing  loads of big, beautiful Roman  beans!  The beans in the photo  are just about actual  size. Mama Mia!"

In a follow-up note, Joe said he recently harvested some 8" beans.

Joe comes from a long line of gardening enthusiasts.

"My grandfather and great uncle from Sicily built the first greenhouses in Fayette County, Pennsylvania," he said.


Anonymous said...

Jumbo Bean Salad - 1# Johnny's Jumbo Flat Pod Romano Beans (cooked as desired, cut into 1 1/2 inch pieces and chilled); 1/2 sweet vidalia onion (sliced thinly and chopped sparingly); toss with your favorite sweet vidalia onion dressing and serve (always chilled). You may substitute regular green beans but it is not near as much fun!

Thanks for the press on my beans!

Joe LaMonica

Unknown said...

Hey Giuseppe, I know the seeds are wonderful but give a little credit to all of the Sicilian ancestors looking down on those beans, especially Papa Nunni! To:
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Buona fortuna con la vostra fantastica fagioli!

Also thanks for the tip for next year on where to buy my seeds.

Your sister,
Also from Pittsburgh but with no fabulous Romano beans.