Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Video: Morning Crop Walk, Beet Trials

Every other week or so, Johnny's employee owners are invited to our Research Farm in Albion, Maine for a morning "crop walk". These informational sessions are conducted by our product technicians team. This week we looked at the beets product line, among other crops.

Watch video below for some of the highlights.

Speaking of beets, it's not too late to think about a fall crop of this versatile, fast growing, and highly nutritious vegetable. Cool fall weather helps bring out the best taste and flesh color in many beets. We carry 15 varieties, including seven organics. Shop for beets.

Beets included in the video:  Red Ace, Touchstone Gold, Cylindra, Merlin, Early Wonder Tall Top, and the beautiful heirloom, Chioggia Guardsmark.


icebear said...

How is Chioggia pronounced? I don't think i have ever heard the name said but i've seen it a in catalogs for a very long time.

Johnny's Seeds News said...

Hi icebear:

That's a great question, and interestingly enough, it came up during this crop walk.

We pronounce it like this: "cho-jah". I've also heard it pronounced "kho-jah". It's an Italian word. This beet is an heirloom that's been around at least a century, although we carry a newer, improved strain, Chioggia Guardsmark. Chioggia is probably named after the city (near Venice) of the same name in Italy. Of course, they may pronounce it differently in Italy.

Johnny's Seeds News said...

Turns out many of us here were mispronouncing Chioggia.

Correct pronunciation is Kee-O-Ja according to one of our product technicians. "Ch"in Italian is always pronounced like K in English.

icebear said...

cool! thanks :o)