Sunday, February 12, 2012

Johnny's "Pistou" Fares Well in Writer's Mini Basil Trial

Pistou, our smallest basil, topped Green Globe in a head-to-head trial conducted by Helen Chesnut, a gardening columnist for the Victoria (British Columbia) Colonist.

Read story "February Brings First Hint of Spring" here.

Pistou Basil
Pistou is a Greek variety that does well in small pots. Leaves are small -- only about 1/2" in size. However, don't let its lack of size fool you; Pistou has a good strong flavor.

Helen also writes about Costata Romanesco, one of our top zucchinis. An heirloom, Costata Romanesco is a favorite Italian variety with great, nutty taste and a distinctive appearance. Costata is also a prolific producer of male buds and blossoms, which are excellent for cooking.
Costata Romanesco

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