Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What's New at the Farm? Greenhouse Photos

As the days are getting longer my thoughts turn to the impending spring season. Seems it was warm all winter but now winter is trying to make one last stand before it’s all over. The greenhouse is all green and warm; a great place to spend a cold, dreary winter day.

The greenhouse now has all the trellises installed; it’s a very busy looking landscape.

Before we know it we’ll be starting seedlings:

But for now, it's still winter.
It won’t soon look like this; it’ll be spring sooner than later. The birds will be returning and the snow and ice will be retreating. Soon the first dandelions will be blossoming against the south sides of buildings and we’ll wonder where winter went.

We’ll finish ordering the bulk of the supplies this week; the big stuff anyways.  We’ve ordered the row covers, plastic mulch, potting soils and fertilizers, the soil amendments and the planting flats. We’ve inventoried the other crop growing aids we’ll need and will order those shortly. We’ll do as much work as we can before the season gets under way.

I’m off next week. I will try to get a few things done before spring arrives. Although with the impending snowstorm, I may put a couple of things off a while. I do intend to put together a couple of raised beds; one for early greens and one for something else. And I’ve got some errands to do around town so will get those done.

Enjoy the snow; it won’t be here long.

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