Friday, March 9, 2012

Product spotlight: Multi-Seeded Flower Pellets

New Fuseables™ Perfect for Mixed Containers


Blueberry Lime Jam

Key Lime Parfait

Under the Sun
Fuseables™ are a new product for growing uniform, compatible flowers for mixed containers. Two or three varieties are combined in a single pellet to ensure the proper color mix. Blueberry Lime Jam (#1755P) is a mix of purple and lime green petunias; Key Lime Parfait (#3848P) combines red, lime green, and white petunias; and Under the Sun (#1756P) includes Versa Crimson Gold and Versa Lime sun-tolerant coleus. The pellets are made only to hold the different varieties together and are not sturdy enough for mechanical seeding.
For summer sales, try these New Guinea Impatiens that grow well in partial sun. Divine Mix Improved (#1407) consists of eight long-blooming colors. The mix is perfect for window boxes, hanging baskets, and mixed containers. The orange is especially impressive, as it has bronze foliage that really stands out in the mix.

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mmcurrants said...

This is definitely off topic, but here's my question: How do I keep pine needles out of the garden when they drop (and inevitably blow)? My garden is in a great location (given available options): plenty of sun, well-drained, and so on. But the pine needles drive me batty--the pine trees are all over, and I can't cut them down--I'm in a wetland conservation area. But surely there must be some solution...