Friday, July 20, 2012

The Bangor Daily News Profiles Johnny's Customer North Branch Farm

The Bangor Daily News recently ran a story, "Young farmers working together on the midcoast," on Johnny's customer North Branch Farm. Located in Monroe, Maine, the farm is operated by Tyler and Seth Yentes who bought the operation at just 20 and 23 years old. 

The farm is diverse in its products and the sharing of responsibilities. Seth spearheads the apple orchard and the fruit tree nursery. Tyler handles the dairy cows. Seth’s wife, Anna Shapley-Quinn, handles the vegetable gardens and their winter community-supported agriculture (CSA) operation. Tyler’s partner, Elsie Gawler, 22, oversees the sheep and fleece.

“We all have our responsibilities but when there is a busy time, like planting vegetables or the orchard, we all work together,” said Gawler.

For larger projects, such as the orchard planting, they enlist the help of friends. This spring, a crew of about 15 people planted about 440 trees in two days.

They have applied for organic certification from the Maine Organic Farmers and Growers Association. They hope to receive their certificate this year. 

Read this entire article here at The Bangor Daily website

Visit the North Branch Farm website here

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