Friday, July 20, 2012

What’s New at the Farm? 7/20/2012

How time flies! Seems like just a few days ago here we were:

And now here we are today:

Same field just a different view. These are squash and pumpkins mulched with hay and in the background is tomatoes.

Here’s a view of the farm in March:

And here it is today:

I guess my thought for today is where does the time go. Let’s see; in February and March we couldn’t wait for spring to get here. In April and May we accomplished much field work earlier than we can remember and then it rained and rained a lot in the next four weeks. Planting and transplanting took place in two and three day spurts and some field were planted by hand to get the plants in.

Then it seems once we had gotten all that rain, we got two or three weeks of hot and humid weather. Talk about being rough on plants! Many crops like the greens and some of the brassicas went directly to bolt stage so we didn’t get much of a harvest. So far we had a dry & early spring, followed by too much rain, then a hot and humid spell followed by no rain. Sounds like farming to me. Now we’re irrigating just about every day; trying to keep the crops from burning up.

And the critters are enjoying our crops as well;’ we have a large population of grey squirrels here on the farm, along with woodchucks, porcupines and skunks. Yippee! Insects are showing up earlier this year but, and I say this quietly, diseases are being held at bay with the dry and warm weather. Cucumber beetles first flush has come and gone and squash bugs are here and there already – about three weeks early this year.

Until next week, enjoy the summer. Brian

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