Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Some of our Research Department’s Favorite NEW for 2014 Products

Artisan Tomatoes


 Tastes as good as they look! Try them all; only Johnny's has the entire line up of Artisans.


Glow Pepper

Sweet specialty peppers from our Breeding Program.

Bel Fiore Radicchio

Stunning, adaptable, unique, and great for adding flare to a salad mix.


Raja and Suraj Eggplant

These mini eggplants that can be sold along with Ophelia for a tricolored eggplant container.

KN Bravo Radish

A purple daikon- color is inside and out.  Striking and unique!


The perfect fit at a time when beets are increasing in popularity and baby vegetables* continue to be trendy.

Adelaide Carrot

A true baby carrot*


Mini Kabochas


Single serving wintersquash.

*Please note: Babybeat and Adelaide are what we call “genetic minis”.  This means the variety is a mini or baby size at full maturity, as opposed to simply being harvested early/immature. 

Why go with a genetic mini instead of simply harvesting and immature full size variety?  Because the flavors will be fully developed and the tops will be proportional to the roots.

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