Sunday, January 9, 2011

Johnny's Red Pearl tomato on Organic Gardening magazine's top 10 list

Our Red Pearl grape tomato was named to Organic Gardening magazine's "The Best of the Test Garden" top 10 list in the latest edition (February/March, 2011)

Debbie Leung, one of Organic Gardening's test gardeners from Olympia, WA, described her success with Red Pearl on the magazine's website.

"Despite the cool, cloudy growing season, 'Red Pearl' produced lots of small, bright red, meaty tomatoes by late fall," wrote Leung. "They had a good savory tomato flavor. Very pretty."

Here is a link to the article with a photo slide show of the top 10: These 10 plants proved outstanding in our variety trials".

We're quite pleased to be on this list. Red Pearl was a new variety last year. It was bred here at our Research Farm in Albion, Maine.

If you're interested in learning more about Red Pearl, here's a description from our website:

Tender and nearly seedless, intermediate resistance (IR) to late blight. Compared with Red Grape, the fruits are slightly larger, with more tender skin and fewer seeds for improved flavor. Resists cracking and stores well on and off the vine. Tall, healthy plants. High resistance (HR) to fusarium wilt races 1 and 2, intermediate resistance (IR) to late blight. Organically grown.
Red Pearl

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