Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Product Spotlight: Alliums

February is a good time to start seeds of onions and leeks in the greenhouse for transplanting outside in late spring. Onions can be planted three seeds per 1 1/2" cell, and the plants can be trimmed to 5" tall to prevent them from tangling. Leeks should be grown one plant per cell and given sufficient fertilizer to grow large, pencil-thick plants before setting them out.

We have three new varieties for your consideration:
Patterson onion
Patterson produces round, dark yellow-skinned onions with the same firmness and storage qualities as Copra, but with a larger size, better uniformity, and higher yield potential. Adaptation: 38-55 latitude. 104 days to maturity.

Megaton leek is an extremely uniform variety that makes for an easier harvest. The upright plants have beautiful blue-green foliage and long, thick shanks. Less bulbing and splitting than open pollinated varieties. It replaces Upton, and is even more vigorous and uniform. 90 days to maturity.

Lexton can be planted the same time as Megaton to extend the harvest, as it requires 110 days to maturity. It is similar to Megaton, with a long, thick shank, but is more cold tolerant and can be harvested into very cold weather after the early leeks are gone. Lexton's foliage is dark blue-green and upright. High yield potential.

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