Sunday, January 30, 2011

Product Spotlight — Jang Clean Seeder

Jang Clean Seeder

Jang Clean Seeder
This is the best seeder we have seen for market farms. Its intelligent design and versatility make it a terrific asset for every application, from small plots of tiny seeds to long rows of big seeds. Here are some of the features of the Jang Clean Seeder that help save time and seeds:

A clear plastic seed hopper holds plenty of seed and makes it easy to see when you're running low. The hopper's quick-release mechanism makes it easy to empty and save seed. And the seeder works even with a small amount of seed.

Each seeder comes with one roller, the MJ-12, which is good for beets, cilantro, coated lettuce, onion, carrot and similar size seeds. Additional rollers for smaller or larger seeds can be purchased for $20 each. A seed-sizing gauge is printed on the inside of the hopper lid for easy seed roller selection.
  • Six included sprockets may be interchanged in a variety of combinations to regulate seed spacing.
  • An adjustable brush on the guide plate allows singulation and precise metering of seeds.
  • Planting depth is controlled by plow height, which can be adjusted with a single screw.
  • Ergonomic handles can be adjusted for height and from side to side for pushing from a footpath.
  • The front drive wheel, which has studs for traction, firms and flattens soil and the rear wheel covers the seeds after they are planted.

Several accessories are available, including a fertilizer hopper, row marker, and double plow shoe for seeding two rows at a time. In addition, you can purchase three-row and six-row versions; call for details.


meemsnyc said...

That looks like a really great product!

pshaw said...

I would love to see an unbiased review of it before shelling out the $$$ for it. But being such an esoteric product, I'm not going to hold my breath for that to appear.

Plus, all those seed plates to consider. Aurgh.

Peachpickers said...

I bought a Jang seeder in March 2011 and would highly recommend this tool. After using several Earthway planters in several different configurations, singly. gangs of 3 up to 6 for planting baby salad crops, this is the Mercedes of hand seeders. I like it so much that I bought a Jang JP-3, where there are 3 ganged together, in July to do all my wide bed planting of baby salad mixes, baby spinach, beets, etc. My Earthways are now gathering dust in my shed till I can get them listed on craiglist.

The planting wheels can seem pricey till you realize the savings in seeds, thinning, the quality of the rows and time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Peachpickers, I would love to find out what plate configuration you are using for your baby greens...lettuce, spinach, arugula primarily. Pretty pleeeaaase. :)