Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 2011 Product Spotlight: Melons


Melon seeds can be started in the greenhouse one month before transplanting outdoors when the weather is frost-free and warm, or direct-seeded one to two weeks after last frost. Melons like consistently warm conditions and will perform best when used with row covers. Agribon+ AG-19 Floating Row Cover  provides the extra warmth melons need. Remove covers when the plants have female flowers with tiny fruits at the bases of the blossoms.
Tasty Bites

Tasty Bites  is a new variety of personal-sized melon. Bred by crossing an ananas and a charantais, it is a sweet, aromatic melon with an above-average shelf life and an extended harvest period, making it a great choice for market gardeners. Fruits average 1 to 2 lb.

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