Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Product Spotlight: Zinnias

Sunbow Mix


Zinnias are the backbone of the cutting garden, and they should be succession planted several times during the summer to ensure a steady supply of fresh, large blooms. You can direct seed them beginning at your last frost date, continuing every 2-3 weeks until 70 days before your first fall frost date. You can even seed them with an Earthway Seeder, using the beet plate. You can never have too many zinnias! Johnny's has a wide selection of tall varieties for cutting:
Benary's Giants are the premium zinnia with a yellow, food-based coating for ease of sowing. Available as a mix or separate colors so you can increase your supply of specific colors for special events. Grow more whites for summer weddings, more orange and gold for autumn-themed bouquets. 40-50" tall stems and 4-6" fully double blooms.
The Giant Dahlia Flowered Series is less expensive because the seed is not coated, but with more singles and semi-doubles than in the Benary's Giants. Available as a mix or separate colors, including an unusual creamy yellow. 40-50" tall stems and 4-6" blooms.
State Fair Mix has 4" single and double blooms in bright colors. 36" tall.
Zowie! Yellow Flame has semi-double, 3-4" blossoms of magenta and orange. An eye-catching combination! 24-36" tall.
Uproar Rose has intense, dark pink, fully double blooms 4-5" across. 28-36" tall.
Oklahoma Formula Mix Improved has 1-2" fully double and semi-double blooms in brilliant shades of yellow, red, gold, pink, and white. The smaller flowers provide a nice contrast in a bouquet or can be mixed with basil or other greens for an attractive bunch. 30-40" tall.
Sunbow Mix is the smallest of the cutting zinnias, with blooms 1-2" wide in a full range of colors rose, purple, golden yellow, scarlet, orange, pink, and white. 24-30" tall.
Persian Carpet has full and semi-double 2" blooms in bicolor combinations of red, mahogany, gold, purple, chocolate, and cream. 24-28" tall.

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