Friday, May 6, 2011

May 2011 Product Spotlight: Mulches


Solar Mulch

In the warm, protected conditions under row cover, plants thrive and get an early start on the season. Unfortunately, weeds do well, too, and it can be difficult to keep the crop weeded when you have to remove the row covers to do it. Mulch is the solution, as it prevents weeds, conserves moisture, and warms the soil. Johnny's offers a full range of mulches in numerous sizes.
Solar Mulch increases average soil temperature by 8-10, helping heat-loving plants to grow faster and produce earlier. Visible light is blocked to suppress weeds while still allowing infrared light to pass through to warm the soil.
Biodegradable Mulch is made of a corn starch-based material which allows microorganisms in the soil to break down the mulch over 4-6 months. That eliminates the need for cleanup at the end of the season.
Planters Paper Mulch is also biodegradable. It is used like poly mulch and provides the same weed control but with 2F/1C less soil warming. Also, it starts to decompose in 6-10 weeks.
In addition to these mulches for heat-loving crops, Johnny's offers several other types including SRM Red Mulch, Metallic Silver Mulch, White-on-Black Mulch, and Pro 5 Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric.

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