Monday, May 16, 2011

What's New at the Farm? Field Preparation Photos

It's the middle of May and we're busy!

Lots of this going on right now, finally.

Here's Becky plowing our future winter squash field, or should I say one of the fields we're planning on planting to squash.

It's great to see last years' plant materials plowed down and see that beautiful soil that's been laying in wait of spring.

Here's a shot of the newly planted greenhouse tomatoes in the poly tunnel:

Here's Jeff loading a sling bag of pelletized chicken manure in preparation for field spreading:

Here's a shot of the farm: a hubbub of activity this time of year!

And what more can I say? We're where we should be on planting and field prep and steaming right along. The next week will have us covering many acres with plastic and getting ready for the big transplanting push. Crops already in the ground include peas, spring carrots, baby leaf lettuce, and the first crop of transplanted lettuce is in. The lettuce likes the cool, wet weather so it should thrive now.

Here's hoping for warm and sunny days, and a short blackfly season.
Until then,


Unknown said...

Thanks for the update! Rmember the black flies disappear when the leaves are full out. Won't be long now!

Unknown said...

Awesome! I am a Northeast newbie vegetable gardener and great to hear I'm transplanting lettuce down at the same time, LOL. Love your products!- Aggie

Jim M. said...

Brian- What is your source for the landscpae fabric pictured in the tomato house? Looks real durable. Thanks. Jim

Johnny's Seeds News said...

Brian says the landscape came from Griffin Greenhouse of Ct. 1-800-888-0054; it’s sold under the name Lumite 994 Ground cover.