Thursday, April 5, 2012

Product spotlight: Ornamental Corn

Ornamental Corn

 Red Beauty

Red Beauty
 Red Strubbes

Strubbes Orange
 Jerry Petersen

Jerry Petersen Blue

Dry corn is grown just like sweet corn so you don't want to rush it into cold soil in spring. It will, however, take much longer to mature than sweet corn, so you don't want to wait too long. Dry corn can be used as a fall ornamental, for popping, or grinding into flour or cornmeal. Here are some interesting new varieties:

Red Beauty (#2533G) is an organic red popcorn that retains its hull color after popping. Ears are 6-7" long. 120 days to maturity.

Jerry Petersen Blue (#2535G) can be ground for blue flour. Ears are 7-8" long. 105 days to maturity. Organic seed.

Strubbes Orange (#2534G) is great for grinding to make an orange cornmeal. Ears are 7-8" long and may have some yellow and red kernels. Also good for flour. 100 days to maturity. Organic seed.

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