Thursday, April 12, 2012

Product spotlight: Ornamental Kale, Row Covers



Ornamental kales have really caught on in the floral industry. They are actually small, open cabbages and they look like big roses at first glance in a floral arrangement. But they have the advantage of an extremely long vase life. Sunrise (#1470) is a creamy white with a pale pink center. Sunset (#1471) is reddish-purple. They do best in cool weather and should be protected from insect pests with row cover. 90-110 days to maturity.

Agribon AG-19

Save your fall crops from early frosts with this multi-purpose weight row cover. Sturdier than AG-15 insect barrier, AG-19 provides frost protection while allowing 85% light transmission. Available in 11 sizes.

Shade cloth

Getting fall crops established can be challenging in hot summer weather. Knitted Shade Cloth can reduce temperatures by 10 or more. Available in two densities: 30% shade for cold-loving crops in northern zones and warm-loving crops in hot areas; 50% shade for establishing cold-loving crops in hot areas, or for growing shade-loving plants in sunny areas such as a hoophouse. Shade cloth should be held above the plants on hoops and ventilated at the ends to prevent heat buildup. Each shade percentage is available in two sizes.

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