Monday, April 30, 2012

What's New at the Farm: Much Needed Rain

We're still in April; if you don't think so just check the weather. Four inches of rain, followed by warm then almost cold temperatures, more rain and back to warm weather within a few days. Yep, sounds like April to me.

The fiddleheads are trying to come out; I've seen a few out but only time will tell with the weather. Usually around Mother's day is when I figure they're at their best but I think it'll be early this year. This early and they can be damaged by cold temps making them inedible.

The rain event of last week has put off field work at least until today. We really needed the rain, and we got somewhat ahead of schedule for now, so we'll be back at the field work this week for sure. The drain tile we installed last summer is draining the fields so we can work them earlier than mid to late May like we usually do. Here's a shot of the drain tile outlet working the day after the big rain:

Here's a shot of plowing last week:

Nothing quite like having the boss around taking pictures while you're trying to concentrate on keeping the furrows straight! Look at that concentration:

We owned this field for several years and I am anxious to get some crops growing on it. We've had cover crops on it for all of these several years, and having been applying compost and organic fertilizer every year so the soil is becoming nutrient rich. The irrigation pond we dug last year is filling up:

I hope we'll have enough water to irrigate with this summer.

If you've been following this blog you'll know I didn't have a garden last year; the first year I can remember of not having one. I had lots of excuses but I'm afraid the gardening bug has bitten me this spring. I'm anxious to work in my garden again so have planned a small plot of perhaps 30' by 100' or so for a few crops. I've bought my seeds and potatoes, ordered some onions and will start some plants for my garden. Now all I have to wait for is the weather to warm up.

Until next week, Brian

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